We are all born stars. We may all not be in the limelight; however, we can all shine. The challenge however is, it remains your responsibility to follow your star or act. I love the word responsibility because I think it is a great word.

In my book, The Four Quadrants to Greatness, I explain that the word responsibility can be broken into two words, response and ability. This simply means we all possess the ability to shine, we must just respond to it.

With this in mind, the responsibility you have is to believe that you are born to shine and that you are unique with special qualities. There is a primary purpose for your existence and that you are not a mistake.  I do not slightly find it a coincident that all great men and women always believed that they were born to be great.

The second responsibility you have is to discover your star. Uncover what is covered in your life; uncover your uniqueness, gifts and passions. Why should I uncover my star if I am to be great anyway? The answer is simply because, discovering your star is the most important thing in your life and God hides it for you to find. Go d does not hide from you but for you to discover.

The third responsibility after finding your star is to be patient and wait. Many people loose their chance to greatness because they chase the first star that arises. No, this is wrong. When you find your star, wait patiently, prepare yourself, dedicate to service and seek to educate yourself in the area of your star.

Education is only effective after discovering your star. Like someone said, wait patiently, it will not rise early. It will not rise late. It will rise at the right time.

Finally, after careful preparation coupled with the right maturity, follow your star. When the right time has come to follow your star, you will be filled with a burning passion and a conviction in your heart and spirit that tells you it is the right time. Once you begin to follow and fulfil it, keep focus, connect with the right people and keep moving.

I wish you all the best.


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  1. Wow, this is very true. What I take from this article is to educate myself based on my star. Education is only effective after I discover my star.
    Thank you Purpose Achieving life ltd

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