Moving Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams

All men have dreams but I have observed that, while some achieve their dreams, others just talk about theirs and never achieve them.

Why is this so?
Is God unfair or did He create some just to be stars and others not?

To be able to answer this question, it is imperative to study the lives of those who are living their dreams and begin today to activate your primary assignment. Permit me to illustrate to you with the true story of Itzhak Perlman.

Itzhak Perlman is one of the greatest violinists of our time. Some years ago, Perlman agreed to attend a charity reception after one of his concert in Vienna. Tickets for the reception were sold out within few days of its availability to the public.

After a great night at the reception, Itzhak Perlman flanked by security guards, guests were allowed one after the other in a roped-off area and introduced to Perlman. In the process of this, one man entered, stretched out his hand, shook Perlman and said, “Sir, you were phenomenal tonight. Absolutely amazing.” Perlman smiled and thanked the man for his compliment.

The man continued, “All my life, I have had a great love of the violin, and I have heard every great living violinist, but I have never heard anyone play the violin as beautifully as you did tonight.” Perlman smiled again but said nothing and the man continued, “You know, Mr Perlman, I would give my whole life to be able to play the violin like you did tonight.”
Perlman smiled once more but this time said these words, “I have.”

Here in lies the truth. The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who do not lie in the last statement Perlman said. Successful people dedicate their whole life to achieve their dreams and ideas they conceive. Let me ask you;

Is your life currently moving towards or opposite the dreams, goals and purpose you envisage? Be realistic with yourself.

Another key word is commitment. Until you stay totally committed to your dreams, it will never come to fruition. The commitment to dreams is the manifestation of results. This is what it means to move confidently to the direction of your dreams.

Finally, life is too short to live life below your primary assignment. Live every day with a passion towards your God-given dreams. Dedicate yourself and time to the things that deserve your commitment and above all, always seek the Grace of God.

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  1. It is good to see people take the time to spell out the problem or issue, followed by providing valuable direction as to how to dela with it. Thank You

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