Six (6) Strategies For An Effective Lifestyle.

A strategy is what I am willing to do in order to get what I want. Being effective is about getting maximum results or productivity.

Proactive people are value driven.

So in effect, what I want to share with you is about what you can do in order to get maximum productivity in your life physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

There cannot be an effective strategy if you do not want something. The question therefore is, WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?

1. Have a Vision: A very important component of your strategy to be effective is vision. Having a vision is really key to your success at the end.

A vision is a clear mental picture of what you want out of life or simply a better tomorrow that give you a sense of what is possible.

Someone once said, “there are so many things that catches my mind but only a few catches my heart.” Develop your vision around the things that catches your heart to become it in the long or short term.

No matter what happens, decide to respond positively.

2. Be proactive not reactive. Proactivity is taking responsibility for your life, organisation. It is taking initiatives no matter what happens or do not happen around you. Proactive people are value driven. They have a vision of things and weather rain or shine, they move forward to do it.

Reactive people blame others for everything. They allow their feelings, circumstances, conditions the physical and social environment to affect their decisions.

If you are to be effective, strategically take responsibility for your life. No matter what happens, decide to respond positively. The Word responsibility simply means, you have an ability and only you can respond to it.

3. Put first things first. Prioritise your life. Don’t do things any how and don’t live things to chance.

4. Be discipline
: We live in a time of fast acceleration. Everyday things are moving fast. In the areas of fashion, technology and medicine, one cannot afford to be slow or indiscipline.

Discipline comes from the Word disciple which is the root word for learning. Discipline therefore simply means devote yourself to learn.

Devote yourself to learning to become the best version of yourself.

5. Talk less and Listen more.
Research suggests that people who talk too much shut up their thinking capacity. People who talk too much achieve less and usually end in trouble.

Two fellows must be on the same boat to have fellowship.

It is mostly the empty barrel that makes to most noise. A minute of talk is worth more an hour of talk. The key to generating ideas necessary for your effectiveness is in thinking and listening more than you speak.

Your friEND determines your END.

6. Relationship: Strategically consider your friends. This is so important because your friEND determines your END. It is wrong to have fellowship with people who are not going your direction. Two fellows must be on the same boat to have fellowship.

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